ldrk 2019

HDVN  Tet Celebration
San Jose, CA.
January 2019


Christmas Party
San Jose, CA.
December 15, 2018  Invitation & Program (pdf, doc) 
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camp picture

Mt Madonna County Park Camp
Watsonville, CA.
November 10-11, 2018  Scouts Invitation & Permit  Parents Invitation, Direction & Program  Parents Registration

LDRK Fundraising
San Jose, CA.
October 28, 2018  Announcement 
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event picture

23rd Jamboree-on-the-Internet (JOTI)
San Jose, CA.
October 20, 2018  Announcement 

Rancho Seco Camp
Herald, CA.
September 1-3, 2018  Campsite News & Pictures  Scouts Invitation & Permit  Parents & Friends Invitation  Parents & Friends Registration  Program Schedule  Campsite Assignment 
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Junior GS Bronze Award Project & Ceremony
San Jose, CA.
August, 2018  Bronze Award Project 
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Eagle & Gold Scout Court of Honor
San Jose, CA.
August 5, 2018  Invitation  Thư Cám Ơn VSC (Việt)  Thư Cám Ơn PHRK (Việt)  Eagle & Gold Scouts Page 1, Page 2
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Camp Hi-Sierra
Long Barn, CA.
July, 2018  Anh Em Chúng Tôi (Việt) 
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11th International Jamboree
of Vietnamese Scouting (TT XI)
Haymarket, VA
Jun 28 - Jul 4, 2018  NewsLetter No.2  TT11 Camp Info  TT11 Camp Program  Registration Packet  TT11 HĐVN News (Việt) 

Chanslor Ranch Camp
Bodega Bay, CA.
May 26-28, 2018  Scouts Invitation & Permit  Parents & Friends Invitation  Parents & Friends Registration  Camp Program  Direction 
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event pic

Penitencia Creek Park Hiking
San Jose, CA
May 13, 2018  Invitation & Parents' Permit    
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event pic

Parents' Day
San Jose, CA.
April 29, 2018  Parents' Day Invitation  Program & Tasks 
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Lễ Hùng Vương Ceremony
San Jose, CA.
April 22, 201
8  Invitation  Location Change Announcement (Việt)  Hướng Về Quốc Tổ (Việt/Eng) 
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Việt Scouts Tết New Year Celebration
San Jose, CA.
Feb 25, 2018  Invitation (Việt)

LDRK Tết New Year Celebration
San Jose, CA.
Feb 11, 2018  Invitation (Việt)
picture album  Tết Celebration Pictures 
tet card

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